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UROPharmacy Convenient & timely delivery of catheter and continence supplies Urology Clinics of North Texas

Convenient & timely delivery of catheter and continence supplies.

UROPharmacy is a service provided for the convenience of our patients

UROPharmacy assists and facilitates the entire process of your urology needs. For your convenience, we insure the timely delivery, provide leading brand name products, and manage your future orders. 

UROPharmacy handles your Medicare and/or Insurance Carrier verification and billing.


The Process:

At the time of your visit, your physician will discuss your urology medication requirements and will manage the placement of your order. UROPharmacy will contact you to discuss the medication as well as answer questions on prescription substitutions. The medication can be picked up be same day, next day or your preferred date.
You can contact UROPharmacy’s Pharmacist – In – Charge 24/7 for direction on how to access medications in case of an emergency or disaster.
You can contact UROPharmacy and request the prescription be sent to another pharmacy or you can contact the new pharmacy and the prescription will be transferred once a request is received.
If a medication is not available at the UROPharmacy in a timely manner, you will be contacted and asked for a preferred pharmacy to send the prescription to.
If you are experiencing an adverse reaction, contact the Pharmacist or Physician immediately.

You can obtain prescription order status and claimsrelated information by contacting the pharmacy by phone 214-580-2265 or 877-897-9511.

You can obtain a refill by contacting the pharmacy by phone 214-580-2265 or 877-897-9511.

UROPharmacy will alert you prior to filling the prescription if the pharmacy is in network or out of network. UROPharmacy will also alert you what the cost difference is between in network vs. out of network pharmacy (if applicable).

You have the right to file a complaint or grievance either verbally or in writing. You may make these known to any employee who will then refer the patient to the proper management to handle complaints as listed below.

Director of Compliance
Cassandra Rodriguez

Once a complaint or grievance is received, it will be investigated, documented, and responded
to by appropriate management.

You can also contact the Texas State Board of Pharmacy 24/7 at 800-821-3205, option 5.